Arch Linux package statistics

Contributing is as easy as installing the package - a weekly cron job will take care of the rest. You will be sending us a list of packages installed on your system, along with the architecture and mirror you use. This information is anonymous and cannot be used to identify you, but it will help us prioritize our efforts and make Arch even better.

Getting started

  1. Install pkstats by pacman -Syu pkgstats
  2. Ensure the weekly timer is started: systemctl start pkgstats.timer
  3. Check the timer status with systemctl status pkgstats.timer
  4. For additional help see pkgstats -h

Submitting your package data

$ pkgstats
Collecting data...
Submitting data...
Thanks for your submission. :-)
See results at

Gathering statistics

  • Browse the package statistics and lookup the popularity of packages.
  • See some fun statistics and see which packages are the most popular in their category.
  • Use the API to write your own clients:
    $ curl -s '' | jq
      "name": "php",
      "samples": 23463,
      "count": 8102,
      "popularity": 34.53