Privacy policy

Server logs

Requests to this website are logged. The following data are stored:

  • IP address
  • Date and time of the request
  • Actual Request of the client
  • Response code of the server
  • Size of the transferred data
  • Referrer sent by the client
  • User agent sent by the client

These information are used to generate anonymous statistics and to prevent attacks against this website. The log entries are stored for one month.

pkgstats command line tool

The data send by the pkgstats command line tool is stored anonymously on the server. See pkgstats -s for a list of the data to be transferred.

The client IP is used for a local GeoIP lookup, which means the IP is not send to any third party. The resulting country code is stored in a database alongside an anonymized IP hash. This data is used to create statistics found on this site and to block abusive submissions.

No personal data is persisted.


See the Impressum for ways to contact us.